So who's got the better memory?

You or your family and friends?

Why not challenge them by having a go at playing PiGS Match the Cards, the exciting and addictive new card memory game for iPhone.

The idea of the game is to remove all the cards from the screen by matching pairs of cards. You start by tapping on two cards. If they match, they'll disappear. If not, they'll flip over again.

Keep trying until all the cards have disappeared. By memorising the positions of the cards you'll stand a much better chance of removing the cards in the least number of tries.

And now for the fun part...

after the last pair has gone, wait patiently while our in-built analyzer checks your memory and works out your memory status. The lovely Dr. Berri-Juice will then reveal to you how good your memory really is.


  • Memory-stimulating game play
  • 'Best score' display - try to beat it each time you play
  • Colourful jungle-themed graphics
  • Fun background music with sound on/off button
  • In-built memory analyzer
  • Free full unrestricted version!


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